Blue Bomber Laundry Soap 3x140g




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Product type: Soaps and Personal Care

Vendor: PanChef

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Blue Bomber Laundry Soap is a washing cake shop that washes and whitens clothes and gets rid of difficult stains. It is perfect for clean laundry, works on all types of clothes and eliminates the need for bleach.

Some Jamaicans also swear by Blue Bomber cake soap to wash their face and lighten their skin.  We cannot advocate for this soap as a skin lightener although a read of articles of Vybz Kartel will show that he and others note that this soap can give the same effect as a bleaching cream.

This soap is made from only vegetable oils and contains no harsh synthetic ingredients.

**If you should choose to use the Blue Bomber washing soap as a skin bleaching product, we would recommend using at your OWN risk and contacting a doctor or dermatologist BEFORE using on skin.