Benjamins Essence of Peppermint 60ml




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Product type: Bottled

Vendor: PanChef

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Product of Jamaica

Benjamins Essence Of Peppermint is a traditional product used by Jamaicans worldwide.  

  • Commonly used to relieve gastric and intestinal flatulence (gas) and the discomfort associated with the bloated feeling after a heavy meal

  • Can also be used to reduce physical and mental fatigue by adding a few drops to a warm bath. 

  • For flavoring candy, ice cream, jellies, custards, cakes and other pastries.

  • high flavor - a little goes a long way!   

Ingredients:  Alcohol, Peppermint, Purified Water

P.A. Benjamins (PAB), has achieved the status of being the oldest drug manufacturing company in Jamaica having celebrates its 135th anniversary in 2014. The company has established an international reputation over the years and lives true to its adage 'A trusted name for over a century.