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Ra-Moon (Raw Moon) is smallish tree of the Moraceae family and grows all over the Caribbean and particularly in Jamaica. It is popular in Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole. Its scientific name is Trophis Racemosa. The tree is evergreen with very versatile leaves and bark sought by researchers for their numerous health benefits. Demand for the tree has led to it being almost endangered. Good news though is; it still exists in the wild forests of Jamaica, more so in places like Saint Thomas, Hanover, Saint Mary and Westmoreland that have not been too much invaded.

Raise Your Libido With Raw Moon Dried leaves ( Aphrodisiac / Sex Herb)
In the traditional setting, the herb was used by people who wanted to perform certain duties that needed stamina. Farmers who worked at the farm for long hours sought the help of the herb. Whenever one felt fatigued, Ra-Moon Leaves and bark came to their rescue. More researches are still ongoing to improve the herb’s beneficial effects further.